Monday, June 29, 2009

Camp Rocks . . . Felted Rocks!

You take a rock, see, any rock, and then you felt around it and, voila!, a fabulous objet d'art or paper weight! Cate continues to concoct fun and merriment for our Knitch campers. From left: Margaret, Emma, Henry, Cate, Maddie, Hope, Mary and Lauren.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun Times at Kids Fiber Camp

Natanya, Emma and Annie are having a grand time at Knitch's Kid's Fiber Camp this summer. Here they are proudly posing with dolls they created with fabric and varioius baubles. In the photo below they are joined in cuddles by their fabulous teacher and counselor, Cate Stuart-Hodges.

Below Natanya shows us the knitting
needle tops she made in Fiber Camp. Great work!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Soup-er Chicken with Amazing Healing Powers and Her Sidekick, Dinky the Wonder Chick

Faster than a speeding pullet! Susan Powell's blue and red hero wears a crimson cape with a big blue "C". When she's not out being amazing, she's happy in her alfalfa nest with her trusty sidekick, Dinky, the Wonder Chick, a chick who gives new meaning to the "which came first" conundrum. Both are ready to give comfort and bring their healing powers to their new Egg-leston friend, whoever he or she may be.

Here's a verse, in case you forgot, from the Super Chicken Theme Song (from the show produced by Jay Ward and Bill Scott back in the 1960's):

When you find yourself in danger, when you're threatened by a stranger, when it looks like you will take a lickin' (puk, puk, puk, puk)
There is someone waiting who will hurry up and rescue you, just call for Super Chicken (puk, ack!)

Here's how Dinky the Wonder Chick morphs from egg to chicken and back again at will. But which comes first????

Polly Pull-it; Poultry in Motion!

Polly's a pull-toy with a secret! You can tell by the twinkle in her eye . . .

If you egg her on a little, perhaps she'll show you her golden egg!

Charles Gandy, you're a wizard!

Sally Eggstein & Her Offspring: Birds of a Feather

Gorgeous Sally Eggstein, the imaginative work of Gay Lynn Barson, is the proud mother of three impressively scientifically successful -- not to mention adorable -- chicklets: Eggbert Einstein, Clara E. Carton and Marie Cure-it.

Strut those pretty tail-feathers, Sally!


Annie D'Agostino is expecting her third child later this summer. So it's no wonder that she was inspired to create Egg-specting, a pink and blue (to cover all the bases) cutie-pie who "lays" eggs. Three to be exact.

Dorothy Lay-more, the Knittin' Chicken

We'd cross any road for this chicken by Doug Iberg.

Sitting in her knitted nest, wearing pearls and a lovely intarsia collar, holding her wee knitting bag with felted appliqué and a scarf-in-progress, she wears an expression many knitters are familiar with -- the dreaded dropped stitch perhaps? Switched directions in the middle of a row?? She won't be "fowled" up for long, we're sure.

Chicken à la KING has left the building!

Diana Thomas' Las Vegas Elvis Chicken (the "King", of course) bears an uncanny resemblance to the man himself. We love this one tender(s)!

Slumchick Millionaire (aka Chick-Chick Masala)

Johanna Norry created this tribute to the blockbuster movie of a similar name, complete with a little red Bindi and flashing golden earrings. Her mane of shiny black hair is tossed to one side and, if she only had legs, we know she'd be dancing the "Jai Ho" with great pluck.

A Dolphin-Safe Chicken of the Sea

Swimming in fresh spring water, this Albacore-Chicken is Dolphin Safe and extraordinarily hug-able, thanks to the creative hands of Nancy McCullough.

A Hippy Chick Flower Child Chicken

With her heart-shaped granny glasses, her Knit for Peas and Love Bugs signs, this sweetie takes us back in time. She sits serenely in her own psychedelic sewn nest and is the inspiration of Pat McMahon.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Chick-quita Banana and I've come to say . . .

She's so a-peel-ing! Thanks to Nancy McCullough.

Count Cluck-ula

With his black cape and droplets of blood, we're sure the Count
feels fierce, but we know he's just a soft, adorable, cuddly chicken.
Another fabulous creation by Carolyn Johnson.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chicken of the Sea

Kate Jordan's Mer-chicken, so elegant in her sparkling spangles (each one attached with a crochet stitch!), wears a lovely glass star around her neck. Some child at "Egg-leston" is going to be thrilled!

Hippie Chick

The chickens just keep on truckin' . . . this time a psychedelic "Hippie Chick" has taken up residence in our roost, er . . . our pad, along with a de rigueur stick of patchouli incense and a cloud-like nest. Could she be Lucy in the Sky . . .?

News of the Day: Egg Beater Cooped; Jail Bird Free Roams

Our Eyewitness Team reports that Egg Beater has been cooped! Jail Bird is still roaming free and behaving herself. Chicks everywhere are breathing easier.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Call Me Chicken

This lovely, a Japanese Silky Bantam, complete with nest, babies and a hand-bound book, arrived by mail today. She is inspired by the story in the little book entitled "Call Me Chicken" by L. Joseph Tauer, which tells a tale about a very brave and courageous chicken, a tale that, after reading, makes it hard to look at chickens the same way ever again.

Monday, June 1, 2009

How . . . egg-xactly . . . can we say how fabulous these chickens are?

Over the weekend, three more chickens hopped and pecked their way into our hearts. We are thrilled with the cleverness of you people! Meet our newest flock-members:

"Chicken Pox", by Nancy McCullough

Mary "Egg"-elbreit, by Kate Jordan

Lilly "Pullet"-zer, by Kate Jordan