Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enter Our Egg-citing Knitch Knit-a-Chicken for Charity Contest!

If you think contests are for the birds, this one's for you!

Pick up Blue Sky Alpacas' Knit Chickens Pattern and some fabulous Knitch yarn* and let your imagination go free range. Submit as many wacky chickens as you like by the June 15, 2009 deadline.

We'll have the whole flock of entries on display at Knitch until we announce the Grand Prize winner, who will receive $25 Knitch credit every month for 1 full year, during our Lucky Duck Sale in June. And, yes, we will post photos of all the entries.

The first 5 entries will each be rewarded with a half dozen eggs from Kim's chickens . . . as soon as they start producing . . . which should be any minute now.

Once the contest ends, and the judges have done their crowing, we'll donate all of them (chickens, not judges) to the children's hospital, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, otherwise known as EGGleston (ok, really it's Egleston, but we can't help ourselves!) We know they will all bring comfort and delight to children undergoing treatment.

Create a theme or put together a flock of friends to do a group theme. The cockamamier the better! Entries will be judged on originality of theme, creativity and execution. There are no restrictions on size or numbers of contributors, contributions or additional materials. *We only require that you use yarn from Knitch (new or stash) to make your basic chickens.

So get those ideas hatching . . . and good cluck to you!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Egg Watch: Meet the Chickens!

Kim and Scott have feathered their nest with a new addition to the family - six additions actually: chickens! Meet Egg Ryan, Heneth Poultrow, Yolko Ono, Layla, Oprah Henfrey and Eggshell Obama. They have a snazzy, roomy house in the backyard and seem quite happy with their surroundings. Olive and Tank (Italian Greyhounds) and Tucker (the hound dog) are making peace with their new sisters and seem to find the clucking and cooing rather hypnotic. The egg watch begins in earnest around the first of June.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Noni Trunk Show

Thanks to those of you who came in to see us during the Stitches South weekend. We enjoyed your company. If you were here, you likely saw our Noni Patterns Trunk Show, full of exciting new ideas from the inimitable Nora J. Bellows, but you probably didn't get to see Haley modeling the Froggie Hoodie Towel. Here's your chance! It's clearly very stretchy and plenty big for serious post-bath wrap-ups. We think we'll make it a little shorter for small tykes.

If you didn't get in over the weekend, be sure to drop in soon to see the Froggie Hoodie Towel and more. As pretty as the pictures are, there's nothing like seeing, feeling . . . and trying on . . . the actual pieces themselves. Ribbit.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Comments are Open for Business!

Our comments feature is now up and running! Please join in with your thoughts, ideas, stories and projects. We are eager to hear from you at this, our virtual farm table.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adventures in Lumpy Bumpy Land

Lois says that wearing this crazy fun Worm Scarf, a pattern that we found at Cocoknits, designed by Julie Weisenberger, makes her feel all the happier. And she's pretty happy to begin with! Make it with any of our madcap color choices in Lumpy Bumpy Yarn by Charlene from Farmhouse Yarns. Click here for the pattern.