Friday, September 21, 2007

Yarn Harlot Hangover!

Wow.....Was she really here? Did it really happen? Did we pull it off...

Seeing hundreds of knitters in one place...happily knitting was an amazing thing. Here are some highlights:

the of knitters together laughing and truly warmed our hearts!

And, Jane (above in the yellow volunteer shirt) was a huge help to us was her birthday! So..happy birthday jane!

And, THE LINE! Sorry all! Try as we might, checking in hundreds of knitters took time. The great thing about knitters is that they self organize and always have something handy to pass the time...knitting! Thanks ladies and gentlemen for being such an amazingly patient and wonderful crowd.

and, finally...the Harlot herself...

One of the perks of Yarn Shop ownership is getting to pick cool folks like Stephanie Pearl McPhee up at their hotels....And, getting to spend a little one on one time. I have to say that not only is she hilarious and smart but also kind, generous and sincere. go, Yarn Harlot! Not only are you're a good person and after spending a little time with you...we're bigger fans than ever!

Thanks to all who came, knit with, helped and supported. We're super thankful and we love you all...especially all these cool women in yellow shirts and thanks especially to Haley...she was a super trooper to withstand a marathon Harlot day!

Pictured above: Nell, Kathleen, Alex, Alice, THE YARN HARLOT, the top of Melissa's head, Haley, Kim, June, Debbie, Stpehanie, Judith, Lil Kim and Marissa...what a team!

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