Sunday, April 26, 2009

Noni Trunk Show

Thanks to those of you who came in to see us during the Stitches South weekend. We enjoyed your company. If you were here, you likely saw our Noni Patterns Trunk Show, full of exciting new ideas from the inimitable Nora J. Bellows, but you probably didn't get to see Haley modeling the Froggie Hoodie Towel. Here's your chance! It's clearly very stretchy and plenty big for serious post-bath wrap-ups. We think we'll make it a little shorter for small tykes.

If you didn't get in over the weekend, be sure to drop in soon to see the Froggie Hoodie Towel and more. As pretty as the pictures are, there's nothing like seeing, feeling . . . and trying on . . . the actual pieces themselves. Ribbit.

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