Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fabulous First Days at 1044 N. Highland

Kim with Jared Flood, aka Brooklyn Tweed, who inaugurated
our new store in a big way with three fantastic, fascinating workshops.

We are amazed, exhausted and exhilarated! To think we were open for business on St. Charles on Tuesday and by Thursday we were welcoming folks to our new store on N. Highland . . . well . . . it leaves our heads spinning. Our staff and loyal friends worked way beyond the call of duty to make it happen. Good spirits were overwhelmingly evident the whole time; any weariness was trumped by the thrill of creating this vibrant space.

Not only did we open on Thursday, we also welcomed Jared Flood that evening for the first of three workshops in our new space, which we found very versatile and accommodating to the twenty eager participants. Here are some more photos from our first couple of days.

Marina was the very first to pull up a chair at the farm table.
She loves all the light which makes it that much easier to
what she is doing and to appreciate the colors she's working with

Becky Douville proudly showed us a
just-finished sock she made from Handmaiden Casbah.

Baby Tucker Belle (with Dad) models our Happy First Birthday
hat -- so appropriate on our first day!

Charles Gandy was with us all day, knitting
away while waiting for Jared Flood's workshop.

Suddenly we have this bright and welcoming corner
in the
front of the store for knitting and visiting with friends.
Haley is enjoying a gelato from the shop next door.

Joy and satisfaction are clearly evident in
smiles of Donny, Stephanie, Nell and Kim.

Kim introduces Jared Flood for the first of three fascinating workshops.

Jared greeted every participant personally,
winning hearts as well as minds.

Jared shows a swatch to illustrate a point.

Jared, Jane and Nell exult in a day well-spent!


Gotta Knit! said...

Looks like it was a Grand grand opening! Wish I could have been there. Can't wait to see the store now that the moving dust has settled. There wasn't even yarn there last time I saw it.

Cat Bordhi said...

The new shop is even more beautiful than I imagined, and I am not at all surprised. I cannot wait to return and be there myself. I LOVE the way you've placed the "heart" right in front of the windows - ie, happy knitters knitting in community. All best wishes, from Cat