Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gisela's in the House

We just received this beautifully rendered sample of the Gisela jacket by CocoKnits and now, having seen it and tried it on, we're even more excited about it. Because we can't all have Michelle Obama's fabulous arms, we love having found something to knit that will, shall we say, camouflage our upper arms while not making us swelter. Knit out of Habu Cotton Gima, the breezes (anybody felt any breezes lately??) flow through, unimpeded by too much fabric, making us cool -- well, that could be a stretch in these dog days! let's say, not as hot! -- calm and just a tad elegant. Come in and see for yourself. It's a quick knit too, so there'll be plenty of time yet this season to enjoy it. We also have the CocoKnits pattern for the Gretel tank with the flattering cowl neckline, which by itself is lovely, and when paired with the Gisela jacket makes a splendid "sweater set".

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