Sunday, February 6, 2011

Skills-Building Videos

Here are your videos, Skills Building Club members!

K3P3-Combining Knitting & Purling
to Make Rib Patter

In this video, Nell shows you how to make a nice wide rib pattern, combining knitting and purling. Using this as a basis, you can create any size rib you want from K1P1 to K10P10 and beyond!

K3P3 - Combining Knits & Purls to make a Rib

K2tog, YO, K1P1
Knit 2 Together, Yarn Over, Knit3 Purl3

Here Nell shows you how to create an eyelet (aka an intentional hole) by decreasing (K2tog) and
increasing (YO) in a rib pattern. Note: You can do this in any pattern.

K2tog, YO, K1P1

Knit 1, Yarn Over, Slip/Knit/Pass

Here is another method of creating an eyelet (a hole on a mission) using an increase (YO) and a decrease (SKP).


Binding Off in Pattern . . . or Not:
The Right Way and the Other Way

When your instructions call for binding off in pattern, there's a good reason for it. Binding off in pattern creates a pleasing edge and the proper amount of elasticity in your finished piece. Here Nell shows you how to do it and also show what happens when you justdo a straight bind off, regardless of the pattern. Granted, you might choose to do it that way for the design it produces, but you'll want to know the difference so you can make the choice that best suits you and your project.

Binding Off in Pattern . . . Or Not

Long Tail Cast On - Two Methods:
With Slip Knot and Without
Nell demonstrates the basic cast on, the one most of us learn starting out. There are lots of ways to cast on and we'll get into more at a later date. This is one you'll want to know. We'll also show you a clever alternative cast on just below this that is fast becoming our go-to cast on.

Long Tail Cast On With Slip Knot

Long Tail Cast On Without Slip Knot

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