Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Lovely Homeless Hat Project Story

Yesterday, a lady wandered into the shop, attracted by our window display for 100 Hats in 100 Days for the Homeless (see column to the left). She insisted that it would be impossible for anyone to teach her to knit. She was quite certain about that. But she wanted to participate in our project. She asked if she might purchase some yarn to give to a knitter to make a hat . . . or two. As luck would have it, a busy, happy group of knitters was gathered around the table. Jane was the first to speak up and say she'd be happy to do it. The lady thanked her and disappeared, only to return moments later with a gift -- a lovely porcelain platter full of crackers and artichoke spread from our neighbors, Bella Cucina. Now we had a table of busy and even happier knitters! The lady left, having never revealed her name, with a contented smile on her face, knowing she had contributed to a worthy cause -- on a couple of levels!

Our goal of 100 Hats in 100 Days needs a burst of activity from everyone to make the November 1 deadline. So keep those hats coming -- whether you knit them yourself or not! And thank you, mysterious lady, and Jane. You are both inspirations.

And speaking of hats, our Knitch bird sported an Atlanta Braves cap for a couple of weeks as excitement grew about our home team going into the MLB post-season. Alas, it's all over now, but not due to any lack of spirit on behalf of our bird!

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